Monday, January 14, 2013

Leona Fleck - Making a list and checking it about 100 times

Now that Christmas is done I can begin to prepare for Africa! Santa filled my stocking with things I will need for my trip...thanks Santa!

I am making a list and checking it about 100 times! Being prepared will be all about being smart. Vaccinations complete, Insurance in place, crim check done and sent. Need to send in application for my Visa and certificate of vaccination for Yellow Fever.

In a couple of days, once all holiday visits are done, I will pull out my suitcase and begin to pack, I think this is where it will really start to hit home that I am about to embark on an opportunity of a lifetime!

Clothing, practical not fashionable, a point I will need to keep in mind when selecting what to bring, since we will be in Ottawa as well as London, I will need warm clothes in addition to light clothing for the warm weather of Ghana. I struggle at the best of times when I pack; this should prove to be very challenging, yet enjoyable.

Next update to come in the last few days before departure...


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